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Meet Micah

Micah Zupke - Licensed Home Baker


A Bit About Your Baker . . . 


I created “Uniquely Me” Bakery for those of you like me who have severe food allergies and for those of you who like delicious desserts that you’ll never know are allergen free!


I started baking in fifth grade.  I found my true passion the following year when I began to decorate my own cakes after watching “Cake Boss.”  All of my bakery items are made from scratch.  I consistently check the ingredient labels as I have had severe peanut and tree-nut allergies since I was born.  I’m glad to say I outgrew my dairy and soy allergies so I am able to cook with real butter and all kinds of milk.


I believe God made each one of us  in His own image.  Some of us, He made even more unique as we have different food allergies.  Uniquely Me Bakery was created with my allergies in mind. All of the bars, cakes, cookies, and cupcakes that I make are 100% peanut/tree-nut free. I always know what ingredients go into what I make.  And I’m willing to try something new if it will help you. 


I'm a 2022 graduate from North Central University in downtown Minneapolis.  I now have a Bachelor's of Science (BS) degree in Entrepreneurship.  I'm also a recent 2023 graduate from St. Paul College from their one-year baking certificate program. 


I come from a family like no other!  My parents adopted my brother, who is my full-sibling, when he was seven months old.  I was adopted a little over two years later when I was four months old.  Since then, through my birth mother, I’ve gained two younger sisters and a little brother.  One of our favorite things to do together is bake.  Stop by any time!  I’d love to tell you more about my family and “Uniquely Me”.

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